Personal Insurance Services

Associated Insurance Services has been helping people protect their homes, boats, cars and families since 1991. We leverage our extensive industry relationships to customize policies to your exact needs and deliver the best prices available. We understand the personal nature of the things you want to protect and work with you to cover sentimental values as well as tangible assets. Plus, we back up our policies personal service, so you’ll talk to a live person when you call and receive insightful advice from Associated Insurance Services.

Our Services

Home and Auto Insurance
Standard insurance policies often leave your home and vehicles exposed. Are you covered for water damage or your furnace breaking? Associated Insurance Services can protect your most valuable assets with comprehensive coverage and affordable peace of mind. We’ll help protect the things most important to you with coverage that ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Boats and Recreational Vehicles
Protect the investments that help you enjoy the great outdoors with the ones you love and make sure unexpected damage or theft doesn’t stop you from creating lasting memories. We can help keep your boat or RV part of the fabric of your life with coverage that gets you outside and keeps you moving, even when the bump in the road turns out to be bigger than it looked.

Life and Disability Insurance
Should an unexpected death or debilitating injury leave you unable to work or earn money, we can help protect your family from financial ruin. Associated Insurance Services can help you design affordable life and disability insurance packages to take care of your family if the unthinkable happens to you.

Identity Theft
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country and millions of Americans remain at high risk. Associated Insurance Services can help protect your good name and limit your liability should an identity thief come after you. We help identity-theft victims repair damaged credit, serve as your liaison with creditors and agencies, and notify you of suspicious credit-related activity.

Health Insurance
Health care may be our nation’s greatest economic challenge, with long-term solutions for controlling skyrocketing costs eluding federal experts. Associated Insurance Services specializes in helping local businesses navigate the constantly changing maze of options to develop the right medical coverage at the right price for you and your employees.

Umbrella Policies
If you ever face a major lawsuit you could lose your home and more. Pool accidents, collisions on ski slopes and other unfortunate, devastating events can lead to lawyers and million-dollar settlements. Associated Insurance Services can provide a Personal Umbrella Policy to protect your assets and your family from financial worst-case scenarios.