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Associated Insurance Services has been helping business clients large and small protect and grow their companies since 1991. We offer coverage for virtually every aspect of your business, from workers compensation to protecting intellectual property and physical assets. We also offer risk assessment expertise and personal service, so whether you want to extend your coverage or need an expert to intervene in a claims process on your behalf, you’ll talk to a live person when you call and receive insightful advice from Associated Insurance Services.

Our Services

Workers Compensationthe BIG Problem
Workers Comp premiums are spiking BIG time and businesses with poor claims records or occupational hazards face substantial cost increases. Associated Insurance Services has more than 20 years experience focusing on Workers Comp issues, and relationships with specialized insurance companies and safety consultants so we can provide effective solutions and affordable coverage for our clients. Workers Comp is the BIG challenge; we have the expertise and flexibility to help.

Cyber SecurityAre you Vulnerable?
If you process or store sensitive customer, patient or business information, you face the threat of cyber attacks and could be subject to litigation or steep fines if security is breached. Associated Insurance Services can help evaluate your exposure, simplify compliance with legal obligations and guard against the rising cost of addressing security breaches. In the event of a cyber attack, we can help protect your reputation and restore your customers’ trust.

Safety and Risk ControlThe Value of On-site Assessments
Associated Insurance Services has a track record of helping clients reduce claims and save money with objective evaluations of insurance carriers’ Loss Control and Inspections practices.  We make sure our clients, not the insurance company, are well protected. Our third-party Safety Consultant services help tailor plans to specific needs and exposure concerns, and provide the foundation for negotiating more favorable premiums and reducing future claims.

Improve Cash FlowPay as You Go
Workers Compensation premiums can disrupt your cash flow and business operations, especially with traditional payment options.  Associated Insurance Services can help you reduce premium down-payments and smooth-out cash flow with pay-as-you-go solutions that base your premiums on actual payroll each time your payroll is run. You’ll have fewer surprises at audit time and realize significant cash flow benefits.

Claims ManagementNavigating Complex Processes
File insurance claims can be a complicated process. Associated Insurance Services has the experience to simplify claims, reduce paperwork, get you paid and save you time when bad things happen. We help refine claims management processes and develop strategies that reduce claims, and ultimately, client premiums.

Company BondingHow Bonds Create Business
You risk losing big business when bond issues get between you and an important job. Associated Insurance Services can walk you through rigorous bond procurement processes and get you the bonds you need, when you need them. We work with specialists in virtually every field and can help you bid the jobs you’ve always wanted.

Business ContinuanceBecause Disasters Happen
Are you prepared for disaster? Hurricanes and other disasters have put many New England companies out of business. We can protect your inventory, safeguard vital records, and help you prepare for nature’s worst so you know what to do in the event of a disaster. When disaster closes your door, we can help you re-open your business.